Worship Production Volunteers Needed!

As Hope increases its online presence through live streaming, there are plenty of opportunities to help as a volunteer.  You don’t even have to be a technical expert or computer person!  Please use this form to sign up for areas of interest, and we’ll provide plenty of training and guidance.  Look below the form for additional information about each volunteer position. Open to adults and youth age 12 and above.

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Camera person
– You would use a camera on a tripod to be the ‘eyes’ of the livestream – using the tripod and
zoom lens to capture pleasing views of the ongoing worship experience. The camera and tripod
are provided.
– Little technical experience is needed, although a willingness to learn and develop a sense of
video composition and creativity is appreciated.

Worship slide production (during the week)
– You would use software to create the slides that are shown on the monitors on Sunday morning.
– Some experience with PowerPoint or ProPresenter is helpful, but training (via Zoom) can be
– This would be done at home, during the week (preferably by Thursday evening).

Worship slide checking (during the week)
– After the worship slides are prepared by others, you will check them over to ensure that their
order and content match the order of worship for the upcoming service. If issues are found, you
will either correct them or notify the slide producer of the needed changes.
– This would be done at home, during the week (preferably before Saturday).

Worship slide controller
– You would advance the slides during worship on a computer in the sanctuary, to allow the
congregation to follow along with scripture readings, responsive readings, and hymns.
– Little technical experience is needed, and training will be provided – but you need to be
attentive to the flow of the service.

Sound technician
– You would set up required microphones for worship, test microphone batteries for charge, and
would control sound from the soundboard in the back of the sanctuary, ensuring proper sound
levels. Training will be provided. You also will assist those needing wireless hearing devices.
– When live streaming, you will need to pay attention to which microphones are in use, and which
need to be muted.

Live stream controller
– You would use a computer to start, stop, and record the stream and ensure that the correct
‘scenes’ are going out on the stream (a camera view, a slide view, a countdown, etc.).
– You will also monitor and adjust the sound that is going to the stream through the use of
headphones and the streaming software.

Live stream monitor
– You would monitor the live stream from a laptop or phone, preferably outside the sanctuary, to
ensure that no problems are seen from the ‘viewer’ end of things.
– Little technical experience is needed for this task, but this job is essential to ensure that we’re
maintaining a high quality of production. If problems are seen, the technical crew needs to be
made aware in a timely manner.

Website updater
– During the week prior to the stream, you will schedule and update the live stream page.
– After the stream, you will archive the video, audio, and order of worship on the sermon/service archive page


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