We’ve got lots of ways to give to God.

There are many ways that we can support the work of God through Hope United Methodist Church. Our church understands generosity and stewardship as a combination of five things: prayers, presence, witness, gifts, and service. These five things strive to help us be balanced in living generous lives. Naturally some of these are easier than others for each of us to do, but how can we live more fully into generosity? 

We include in our monthly newsletter a list of those who we have lifted up and whom we want you to lift up in prayer. What would it look like if you took time each day to pray for those in our congregation in need and in struggle? 

We also give plenty of opportunities and ways for you to give financial donations to the church. You can donate online through our website if you want to avoid having to write checks. You can also setup recurring pay through many of your banks. We also have the option to include the church in your bequest. If you want to ensure a portion of your trust goes to God through Hope you can indicate that in your documents and you can even put it towards certain areas. One that is often encouraged is to bequeath to the “Endowment of Hope UMC” so that the funds may grow and be used for years to come. Our Endowment is funding our “Getting Ahead” program this year, and who knows what in years to come! I encourage you to live generously in all aspects of your lives. 


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